Even Bolstad
Even Bolstad

President | EAPM

Even Bolstad is president of the EAPM, managing director of HR Norge and board member of the WFPMA. He has led HR Norge through merger and crisis, turnaround and growth, and transformed the organization into what today is one of the strongest of its kind in Europe. He is an international speaker, frequently used commentator in Norwegian media and guest lecturer at several universities and business schools.

His agenda is to develop HR and HR organizations to take greater responsibility for developing a good and productive working life; for the common good of business, society and the individual employee. To succeed, HR must be developed to drive the agenda for people and organization in an even more holistic and targeted way than today.

Even believes in EAPM as an important arena for developing values, building competencies and sharing tools and good practices across national borders. In this way, EAPM should support national organizations in their development, as well as being a voice for the HR profession across Europe.