Shaping the Future

For those who are passionate about shaping the future and fearlessly welcome change, the future is full with hope!

The business world has been going through a series of change adventures in recent years. This adventure prompts many companies to look for new and innovative ways to interact with their employees and improve the work experience.

Technological, demographic and socioeconomic changes and developments significantly determine the future of work, and this collective learning takes us all on a difficult but exciting journey.

Human Resources professionals face new challenges as the work climate and skill requirements change, including attracting, training, developing, and, most importantly, retaining talent. This puts the HR function in the spotlight, which is rapidly becoming more strategic and in charge.

As a result, at the 30th Congress, on the 50th anniversary of PERYÖN we will discuss:
• How to create a sustainable and ergonomic professional environment,
• How to design a workplace that attracts a diverse workforce and fosters a collaborative culture
• We'll discuss curiosity, strategy, and technology, as well as how to plan a workspace that is flexible enough to integrate the latest technology yet remains people-centric.

Are you ready to shape the future?
The 30th Human Management Congress will take place on October 5-6, 2022 at Cemal Reşit Rey Concert Hall.

You can receive updates about the congress program and details by sending an email to

What does the future hold for you? Let’s start from scratch.

Buket Çelebiöven,