Toni Drescher
Toni Drescher

Department Head of Technology and Innovation Management | Fraunhofer

Mr. Toni Drescher drives disruptive innovations in the area of Industry 4.0, Artificial Intelligence, Additive Manufacturing and Hydrogen Technology.

He serves as Department Head of Technology and Innovation Management at Fraunhofer IPT. Mr. Drescher is founder and CEO of the INC Invention Center – a company group which is focusing on the implementation of innovations.

Mr. Drescher supports corporate and medium-sized companies. He can draw on more than fifteen years of successful project implementation in life science, mechanical, automotive, transport, energy, chemicals, construction and materials industry. He impacted companies in more than 70 consulting projects and mentors C-Levels in Technology and Innovation Management.

Mr. Drescher is an innovator and strongly believes in the principle of entrepreneurship. His network spreads across Europe, China and USA. Toni holds a M.Sc. in Systems Engineering. He studied at University of Chemnitz, Germany and ETH Zürich, Switzerland.